iPad Downfall Ball: An incredibly challenging game for iOS

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    Dec 23, 2014
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    This is the first game I've ever published, so feedback is highly appreciated. It has been a fun experience for me to learn how to develop for iOS. I will be releasing an iPad and Android version in the future.

    You have one job: Keep the ball alive while it falls through a constant stream of rising platforms that push toward a spiked ceiling. You'll find no sanctuary on the floor either, because it is made of lava.

    This is NOT an easy game. Expect to die. A lot.

    The controls are simple, but require some finesse. Tilt the device slightly to start the ball rolling and to maneuver it in mid-air. Movement speed depends on how far you tilt your device. To jump over platforms and to slow the ball down while it is falling, swipe up to cause an updraft. It can save you from the lava pit and help you land on platforms. The game is and always will be free, and there will never be ads in the gameplay scenes.

    Download from the App Store here.

    Gameplay video here.

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