Doughnut of the Day (Promo Code give away contest)

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    Hello Doughnut fans, we are giving away promo codes for our newest game Doughnuts : Mmm...Donuts!. We want to make sure we give to true doughnut fans. So we have decided to start a doughnut contest. Starting from today we will be selecting 3 “Doughnut of the day” winners, and they will receive a promo codes for the Doughnuts app.

    All you need to do to participate in this contest is to download the free edition of the Doughnuts app and bake and decorate a delicious doughnut and submit a screenshot of it to this thread.

    The winners will be announced everyday here in this thread. So why are you waiting. Start decorating your masterpiece now!

    You can find more about the Doughnuts app by clicking the following toucharcade link.

    Free Edition:

    You can also check out our In-Game Doughnut Hall of Fame's “Doughnut of the Week” winners at our Facebook page.

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