Super Hearts: Double Deck Cancellation Chaos

If you’ve ever heard of something called a “computer,” you’ve probably played (and mastered!) the card game “Hearts.” It…
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If you’ve ever heard of something called a “computer,” you’ve probably played (and mastered!) the card game “Hearts.” It is therefore time for a new challenge! Double Deck Cancellation Hearts plays exactly like its classic cousin, save for a very interesting twist: when a card is played that matches a card already on the table, the two cards “cancel out” and can no longer win the trick. However, their penalty points still count!

Here’s an example:

You’re feeling smug as you sit in first place. A five of spades is led. You confidently play your jack of spades, thinking you’re safe. You laugh as the guy next to you is forced to play his queen of spades. No other high cards come out until the very last player who…

…plays the other queen of spades!

Your complexion fades as the two queens “cancel out,” and the trick falls to the player with the next highest card: you and your jack. The tears stream down your face as you collect the trick, absorbing the penalty points of BOTH queens for a total of TWENTY-SIX penalty points.

You are no longer in first.

This is exactly the kind of chaos you may encounter in Double Deck Cancellation Hearts. Think your heart can handle it?


- Play against 7, 8, 9, or 10 players
- Play against 7 difficulty types, including the smartest and hardest: the ThumbSnail who “slimes like a snail and stings like a hangnail”
- Hearts Options: can set the jack of diamonds to -10 points, change how many points a game ends at and whether or not a player with that exact score resets back to zero
- Moon Options: choose how many queens of spades and how many hearts are needed to shoot the moon
- Settings to change card speed, animation speed, background color, etc.
- Stats: see how well you fare against a certain number of players and a certain difficulty
- No homemade, guilt-inducing ads!

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