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    Version 3 update
    (March 2019 status: the new version is still in progress!)

    You’re welcome, and thanks for the feedback! Conceptually, I like the idea of a hierarchy of canvases (and several people have requested that). It does open up a few cans of worms regarding other features I either plan to add, or want to leave the door open for. So, I can’t say whether it will ever happen. But I will keep it in mind!

    Meanwhile, although progress on V3 is slow (my paying clients have to come first, at least until the app gets more popular) I have been working on the scrolling workspace—tentatively 60x60 and then wrapping back around like a globe.

    Some people don’t want scrolling, however; they want multiple self-contained pages. To accommodate both needs simply, my intent is to let people do a quick swipe up/down/left/right, which would jump exactly one “page” at a time within the scrolling workspace.

    The two methods could be combined nicely, I’m thinking. For example, if your shopping list fills up, you could scroll down (or up) to add more. But you could also swipe left and right, jumping to other “lists.” In other words, you could choose to treat the workspace as a set of screen-width scrolling “columns.” (Or, for that matter, as a set of screen-height scrolling “rows,” with swipe up/down to jump between them.)

    I now intend to let this scrolling/swiping be done with just one finger: drag on any empty space. Two fingers will work the same, though—and would be needed when you don’t have any empty space to “grab.” Or if you just don’t want to bother having to scroll from empty space, two fingers will work anywhere. That’s the idea at present, anyway!

    Hopefully, landscape orientation and pinching to zoom between 4 preset magnet sizes will work out as well! Which would in turn affect how many magnets fit on each “screen” and how many “screens” fit within the 60x60 canvas. I’ll see how testing goes. In theory, the smallest visible grid will be 3x5, when using the largest magnet size on an iPhone. And the largest grid will be 15x20, when using the smallest magnet size on an iPad. (Actually, this is the size 12.9” iPad pros already use.)

    And I have added to V3 the ability to set a custom background color by long-pressing any color in the palette. (Any time a magnet’s own color matches the background, you simply get a label with no shape around it—the same way Black already works. Labels can be toggled light/dark/? just like any magnet. And in case the “hidden” shape is still important, you can always see it by pressing and holding the label.)

    All of which may call for a small help button in the editor, so people can learn the new features. I intend to keep the existing functionality unchanged though, and as simple as ever. Those who don’t want larger workspaces or background colors can safely ignore them.

    Last but not least, I’m intending to give iPhone X users an extra row of magnets! I’ll leave the very top and bottom blank (except—maybe—during scrolling) to accommodate the notch and the app-switcher/home bar doodad. But there’s still room for one more row.

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