DoodleGeddon 1.2 UB update in review!

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  1. seonr

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    Feb 2, 2009
    DoodleGeddon 1.2 (Universal Binary) has been submitted to the AppStore and is now in review!

    I have listened to feedback from our customers as well as our testers to really improve and finesse both gameplay and game balance. We have also added some in game help/hints to ease players into how DG works.

    The main new features for this update include an additional 2 new power weapons (Laser Spike and Pulse Wave) and a Shop (Ala Resource Manager) that allows you to buy and sell power weapons during game play.

    The shop allows players to alternate strategies during game play, to help with either rapid missile silo purchases or the selling off of unwanted weapons and purchase of alternate weapons.


    We have a lot more planned for DoodleGeddon in future updates, but we are sure you will all enjoy the new 1.2 update when its out.

    DG 1.2 full change list includes:-

    • Added new Shop (Resource Manager) for buying and selling power weapons
    • Added new Laser Spike power weapon
    • Added new Pulse energy power weapon
    • Added in game help (first play help hints)
    • Added additional game stats
    • Adjusted game balance to make it not get so hectic so quickly
    • You now also earn resources by destroying asteroids
    • Improved input and select-ability of items
    • Reworked the game and menu UI
    • Tweaked iPhone version for better playability
    • Added some new and fixed some old SFX
    • General game and performance improvements
    • Bug fixes

    Cheers :)
  2. seonr

    seonr Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2009
    DoodleGeddon 1.2.6 is out!

    Wow, forgot to post here that DoodleGeddon 1.2 was out...

    Well now I also get to mention that DoodleGeddon 1.2.6 is out and it includes In-Game OpenFeint scores (paginated), iPod music icon In-Game to change song playlist while playing, some fixes, some optimisations and a newer version of OpenFeint.

    You can check it out here
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    Should'nt this be in the other section. I thought this section was for upcoming "Games" Not Updates
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    Feb 2, 2009
    Hmm... probably... Not sure why I originally posted it here.

    Can one of the site moderators please move this to the correct forum area? I cant seem to find a way to move it myself.

    Thanks :)

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