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    Hi guys,
    Doodle Smash is our upcoming game for iPhone and iPod touch. Check the video, screen shots and description below:


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Doodle Smash has been submitted for review and should be available in AppStore sometime next week.

    Check out the story:

    Since the dawn of time we knew about their existence.
    They spread their power conquering numerous planets and galaxies. They enslaved millions and showed no mercy to Doodles around the Universe. They are… The Wabadabblers!

    After attacking her home planet, the merciless tyrants have captured Doodlette. Now you are her only hope to escape from the Wabadabblers' evil minions by using the tilt controls on your iPhone!

    Doodlette must escape from the Wabadabblers’ space ship and return back home to her loving prince. Your journey down will take you through the space, clouds, jungle, water, lava, and ice areas of the Doodle Kingdom.

    The Rebellion left you tons of stuff that you might find useful – jetpacks, shields, drills, and umbrellas. But be warned! The Wabadabblers also placed some tricky items that will make your escape harder.

    The two different modes further extend the replayability of this already awesome game. In "Classic" you have no pressure on you and you might even be able to think before you jump. In "Survival" the evil Wabadabblers' space ship is chasing you down and there is no place to hide.


    • Use tilt controls to help Doodlette escape
    • Two different game modes: Classic and Survival
    • Different environments: space, clouds, jungle, water, urban, underground, lava, ice
    • Over 160 set pieces
    • Amazing power-ups: Drills, Anvils, Umbrellas, and Cakes!
    • JETPACK!
    • Different enemies: Korki, Znock, Sboch, Zurla, Gorthok, Proxor, Smasz
    • Cannons that shoot you down with high velocity
    • Different types of platforms: moving, exploding, disappearing, reappearing and breakable
    • Global and local leader boards
    • Challenge friends using email, Facebook or Twitter
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    Jan 8, 2010
    Added gameplay video
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    Doodle Jumps all I need.

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