Doodle Lab101

***Featured in "New & Noteworthy" & "What's HOT" in many countries!***

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***Featured in "New & Noteworthy" & "What's HOT" in many countries!***


Dr. Eyeball is about to give you lots of lab assignments.

Use your finger to draw/erase a path to guide the elements to the beaker. You can also stir up the elements. How you draw a path is all up to you. Use your imagination since there is no one solid way to get a good grade!

Dr. Eyeball will teach you the equations, the weight of elements and more. Learn new knowledges and use them efficiently to clear the puzzles.

Doodle Lab101 is a new kind of physics puzzle game. Even if you hate the lab class in a real world, Doodle Lab101 may keep you busy.

Dr. Eyeball has something to say.
"Now, let the lab class begin! Draw a path to pass my class!"

"Definitely worth grabbing if you're after a quick casual challenge."--AppSpy (4/5)

"Doodle Lab101 is a complete package of physics based puzzle fun at an ideal price."--148Apps (8/10)

"5 in Art, 5 in Creativity, 5 in Level design." --appsafari (4.5/5)

"All in all, one of the best “doodle” games I’ve had the pleasure of playing in quite a while."--iFanzine (4.5/5)

"5/5. Great fun, addictive, pick up and play physics puzzler/line drawer that will keep you entertained for many hours."--iPhoneGamerUK (5/5)

"10 New App Store Games To Watch" [Nov. 1 - 7]--TouchMyApps

"It's certainly an entertaining little puzzler. Drawing can be fun!"--Mobile Gamer

--100 levels + hours of play time!
Doodle Lab101 comes with 100 levels and much replay value. Getting straight A is not that easy. Plus, how many achievements can you get?

Use three equations for compounding. Each equation gives more depth to your lab class!

--Weight difference
Each element has different weight. It adds an extra flavor!

Dr. Eyeball will always be there for you. You know Dr. Eyeball isn't as mean as he looks!

--Game Center/OpenFeint Leaderboards and Achievements
Get as many achievement as you want!

--Addictive gameplay
You can't stop compounding the elements and getting the good grades!

--Cool graphics and sounds
Simply fun watching how the elements move around.

--Simple and easy control
Had a bad experience before? No need to worry for Doodle Lab101! Draw, erase and stir!

--Manga style presentation
Dr. Eyeball gives his lecture by Manga style presentation!

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