Dont Get Crash Car Racing

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    Disobeying traffic is common trait of racers, Don't Get Crash will challenge your trait. Don’t dare to shift tracks during race otherwise accident is must with car racing on other track. Strong controls and nerves will play big role in minimizing the accident and scoring high against your friends.

    Game Play

    Two cars are driving oppositely in the two tracks. You have to simply put your car in the track where you can accelerate your car fast without accident. For shifting tracks in don;t get crash you have to simply tap the screen. It’s not easy seems to look. Best of luck and have fun. Challenge your friend via twitter share and don't let your friend to beat you.


    You can free download this addictive game from Google Play Store here

    Reach high score, challenge your friend and do not let them to beat.

    Have Fun, if you face any issue please let us know.


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