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    Pricereduction to celebrate our upcoming game, Toby's Monster. Sale will end Friday august 7th.


    8.9/10 - "Addictive for all ages!" -
    85/100 - "Beautifully designed and simple" -
    4/5 - "An engaging and fun game" -

    Top 10 - Paid Games in Spain
    Top 15 - Paid Games in Sweden

    Descend, evade and survive in this challenging and charming game.

    "A quirky fun little game that is entertaining and addictive. It reminds me how much I hate spiders."
    "So freaking bangin!!! Would play again, would recommend to others."

    Our story begins in a remote and alien jungle world… You begin to play as Toby, a sweet, charming and innocent little bird. And like anybody else, he has his own everyday struggles to deal with.

    Everyday Toby has to endeavor from his cozy little nest to collect feathers scattered among the branches of the perilous jungle. The feathers can then be used to buy lots of amazing and unique things for our little bird.

    But no true adventure is without peril… Evil is lurking everywhere. Dodgy branches and all sorts of creepy-crawlies are all making it harder and harder for Toby to survive and collect feathers as he descends through the jungle. But the greatest of all his enemies are the Black Giant Spiders. They come in large numbers, in all kinds of sizes and they love to eat sweet and charming little birds like Toby and his friends. So better beware of all the perils lurking in the jungle and keep a watchful eye out as you endeavor out on your next adventure.

    If you manage to survive all these perils you get to enjoy the benefits of the feathers you have collected descending through the jungle. Unlock new characters to play with as a part of your team. Visit the Upgrade Center where you can make Toby, and others, stronger, faster and more powerful. And don’t miss out on the rewards to be had by completing missions throughout the game.

    When Toby’s not descending through the jungle evading perils, he can also check out one of the minigames for a chance to win any of the many prizes there.

    Overall, the Don’t Die Birdie saga will give you endless hour of fun. It will reward the faithful and those who struggle to improve Toby. Join the adventure now!

    - A wide selection of playable characters.
    - Collect and win feathers for more content.
    - Difficult and addictive gameplay.
    - Lot’s of fun and entertaining minigames.


    >>> Don't hesitate, download and play NOW!

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