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Discussion in 'Apple Arcade' started by Boardumb, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Just like it says it’s tower defence with resource management and first person mechanics your just balancing it all in defending yourself and the computer.

    It is actually pretty good, I just completed the first 10 levels and keep feeling like I wanted to do one more. Although I do hope that there is more to unlock as I currently only have 3 choices really and it’s already starting to get old but I do get bored quickly!

    Definitely worth a shot of your interested.
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    Dec 13, 2012
    Finished the game. It's pretty short game really enjoyable.
    You unlock many different towers as the game goes and each level has its gimmick. Some are filled with aerial units, some have 6 lanes to look for, some doesn't allow you to use your solar panels. Even if it is classified as a Tower Defense game, the mechanics are really different. Here you have to build a blockade around the Tower and kill enemies in straight lanes.

    As the game goes, the turrets you unlock help you deal with a specific type of enemies of wave. Later on, you have to juggle between different towers because a huge flying tanking mob is spawning small creepers and defend them. So you have to first use aerial type turrets then swap for fast shooting ground ones.

    The game is not difficult if you manage your solar panels properly but you will have tense moments every time and micro management will be key. I really like the idea that you can attack yourself and not just wait for your turrets to finish the job. Most of the time you will actually have to attack on your own because turrets have limited ammo and will disappear after a few shots. Then you will have to decide if you summon new turrets or if you want to save some energy to build new solar panels :)
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