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    Dog and Chicken - The interesting game revolves chase of a mischievous dog and a equally stubborn chicken. Have you ever seen a dog catch the neighbor's chickens? The funny not just like that, play and feel, you will be addicted at the first time.

    Dog and Chicken is very simply. Your mission is only control your dog runs to avoid obstacles on the road, and eat chicken. But the simplicity that is stimulating factor to your excitement, because you thought it's easy, but it's not as easy as you thought!

    How to play:
    • Tap the left and the right of the screen to control the dog running in the right direction
    • Chasing and catching the chicken but don’t let your dog ahead of chickens before then, you have to catch all of them.

    Feature of the game:
    • Cute graphics and very funny music
    • Many of the terrain for you to experience
    • Play continuously and have a high scores system
    • Free, downloaded once time - playing Lifetime

    Dog and Chicken are predicted and expected to make the game mobile market is crazy by highly addictive and special experience.
    Download Dog and Chicken on the phone, then you will know i didn’t boast to you!

    If you like Dog and Chicken or have any feedback, please rate 5 * and give me your comment!
    Wish you happy!

    Download this game: https://goo.gl/LsRdCQ
    QR code: [​IMG]
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    Not a bad high-score chaser. Not great either.

    The Bad:

    1) Constant banner ads at the bottom during gameplay, adding one more "obstacle" to dodge, with the occasional full screen pop-up and no way to disable said ads.

    2) Only two environments (that I've seen); a wooded area and a street area. Not much variety.

    The Good:

    1) Simple, responsive controls.

    2) Easy to play one-handed, good for short games on the go.

    3) Game Center leaderboards/achievements for competitive play.

    4) Different dogs to unlock.

    The achievements are a pro and a con in that they are at least there, but only worth one point a piece, for a total of 10 points.
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    Thank you for your opinion. i'll take care of it, and i hope you keep support me. Thank you so much!
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