Adopt a baby Bow Meow, Tofu or Boon, care for it every day, take charge of its training, its food, and its cleaning, gui…
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Adopt a baby Bow Meow, Tofu or Boon, care for it every day, take charge of its training, its food, and its cleaning, guide its progress... and meet up with it in your Ankama games! - CHOOSE A PET TO ADOPT Become Otomai's assistant, choose the pet you want to take care of -- be it a Tofu, a Bow Meow, or a Boon -- and start your pet ownership adventure. - TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEW COMPANION It's just been born, and it will need your constant help as it grows: bring it food, care for it when it's sick, clean its habitat, put it to bed when it's tired, and train it however you like by responding to its desires or refusing to indulge its whims. - HELP IT GROW INTO A ONE-OF-A-KIND PET Customize your pet with different gear: hats, crowns, glasses, masks, accessories, and more… and its environment too, by changing the decor and arranging its habitat. - EVOLVE IT HOWEVER YOU LIKE Through each of your actions, you'll guide your companion towards one of 6 possible evolutions: through the child, adult and mature stages, it will evolve into a Measured, Paunchy, Icky, Charming, Bontarian or Brakmarian form, and its appearance will change accordingly. - PLAY FUN MINIGAMES Show your pet a good time by playing with it in the mini-games, including Bulb'Adventure, C-C-C-Combo, Tap'Tiche and more. A fun way to win some kamas! - CONNECT WITH THE COMMUNITY AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS Add your Ankama and Facebook friends, challenge them in the minigames, visit them, send them "likes", and collect kamas by eliminating the larvae that come to invade their space. Use your camera and microphone to share fun moments on social media! - FIND YOUR COMPANION IN ANKAMA GAMES Once you've finished playing DOFUS Pets, keep the adventure going by unlocking your pet in DOFUS, DOFUS Touch, WAKFU, and soon in KROSMAGA as well!   + EVEN MORE GREAT FEATURES - Unlock rewards as you progress in the game. - Try Ecaflip's Luck by spinning the Wheel of Fortune to win as many gifts as you can. - Send your past pets on missions to collect food, healing or kamas. - Log on every day to unlock daily rewards! Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat! @DOFUSPets #DOFUSPets
Genre:Family, Puzzle, Simulation
Release:Jul 05, 2017
Updated:Sep 11, 2018
Size:713.5 MB
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