Does Anyone Understand the App Store Average?

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  1. I hope this is the right forum for this question...I don't really understand the average score given for a game in the App Store.

    For example,

    Right now when I look at the scores for [app]Space Ninja[/app]. It says there are 15 reviews and an average rating of four stars. When I look at the rating, I count 14 five star reviews and one four star review. It should be five stars or at least four-and-a-half if they round down.

    [app]Alphabetic[/app] is the same. 14 reviews. 11 five star, 3 four star. The average is not four stars.

    And [app]Petri[/app] three five star reviews and two four star reviews, but shows up with three and half stars as an average.

    So are there other scores that are being factored in? Is this a math error? Anyone have any ideas?
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    There are many other scores being averaged in. The number you are looking at is the number of written reviews, the others being averaged in are by people that only left a rating without an accompanying comment.

    You'll notice the total number of reviews in some places, usually when viewing categories or on a search results page.

    EDIT: Yeah, what everyone said in the other thread too ;)
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    Since the introduction of iPhone firmware 2.2, there is a new feature - whenever you remove an app from the iPhone, you can rate it. Those ratings then go towards the average that you see in the iTunes, but they don't actually show up on the app page.

    Speaking of which, there is another thread here, on this same topic:

    .. 2 minutes later ..
    nevermind, you got it already :)

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