Doctor Who: Lost In Time

Eastside Games
From the world of the beloved Sci-Fi franchise, Doctor Who: Lost in Time is an idle game where players join the Doctor i…
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From the world of the beloved Sci-Fi franchise, Doctor Who: Lost in Time is an idle game where players join the Doctor in unraveling a sinister plot threatening the universe! Power-up your Waypoints to obtain the mysterious Vortex Energy, a crucial force used to thwart the Doctor’s most fearsome foes. Travel to classic locations from the franchise, and team up with your favorite companions! Together you’ll face enemies like the Daleks, Cybermen and many more! Collect character cards and use strange new resources like Kyfred Gems and Henoch Matter to level up your companions. These resources are key to discovering why the Doctor and friends find themselves lost in time. When supplies run low, complete tasks to get Kerblam Boxes crammed with rare rewards. But hurry! With your enemies hot on your heels, you’ll need to tap as quickly as you can to power the TARDIS and travel to your next adventure, just in the nick of time. AN EXPANSIVE NEW NARRATIVE Uncover a conspiracy spanning both space and time, poised to destroy the Doctor! Embark on a brand new adventure featuring various Doctors, friends, and locations from all eras of the Whoniverse. COLLECT YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS Encounter familiar faces as you travel through space and time! Collect the cards of different incarnations of the Doctor, their friends and more. Upgrade the cards using your resources to gain powerful bonuses. RACE YOUR FRIENDS TO THE END OF TIME IN LIVE EVENTS Encounter new threats in free limited-time events. Face daring adventures with Cybermen, Daleks and much, much more. Keep an eye out for new characters and Doctors as the story unfolds! GATHER VORTEX ENERGY AND SAVE THE UNIVERSE Build and manage Waypoints connecting different versions of the TARDIS across the whole of space and time. Visit locations like Gallifrey, Skaro and Victorian London as you gather the resources you will use to foil the plans of a gallery of villains. IDLE FUN Just as it is for the Doctor, in an idle game, time is on your side! Play smarter, not harder and collect cards and characters even when you’re away from the game! With the Whoniverse now at your fingertips, unravel the plot and become a true Time Lord. Please check out our EULA here: Please check out our TERMS OF USE here: Please check out our PRIVACY POLICY here:
Seller:Eastside Games
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Mar 08, 2023
Updated:Apr 03, 2024
Size:324.9 MB
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