Doctor Mario World coming to kill my indie game

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  1. Hi all! My game based on Doctors Mario looks-like-gameplay is softlaunched long time ago and very close to targeted KPI. But original Doctor Mario mobile is coming to stores 10 jule. What you guys can suggest to me in this situation?

    My game:
    Dr. Mario Mobile:
  2. psj3809

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Sorry but copying or doing an ‘homage’ to a famous game isn’t the best idea. Specially when you have bad luck like this one where Nintendo are releasing the main version anyway.

    Unfortunate but always a risk if you copy a games style

    But there’s still loads of marioland clones around and the official version was slightly different and more a runner

    Not much you can do. Just hope Nintendo won’t try and shut down your version of its too similar
  3. I'm doesn't tried to copy classic Dr. Mario for sure. It have enought true clones right now on the stores like this I'm was trying to take the double blocks from original Dr. Mario and bring it to mobile casual players loved match3-like games. I was develope smooth controls and no time stress gameplay etc. I was starting to develop this game in 2017 and there was no looks-like or same game in the stores. Yesterday I was learned that Nintendo did the same thing.

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