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    Aug 31, 2012

    Have you ever wondered when you last did something?
    Your last vacation, your last call to your parents, or last toothbrush you changed.

    If the answer is yes, Last Time is the app you are looking for.
    Last Time makes tracking things become an easy and enjoyable task, so that you won't forget any important thing again.

    Tracking ideas:
    - Last time you watched the movie.
    - Last time you hang out with your friends.
    - Last time you visited your parents.
    - Last time you enjoyed with your children.
    - Last time you saw the dentist.
    - Last time you read some good books.

    Not just the good things, but you could track events you wish to quit or refrain from like smoking or being late. Possibility is limited to your imagination.

    You will find you can manage time and things better just by knowing when you last did that things.

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