Do I need to purchase the iPhone Developer Program in order to submit an app?

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    I currently have a completed iPhone app that a company has developed for me that I wish to submit to the iPhone App Store.

    Do I need to purchase the SDK development program in order to submit my application?

    If so, I know that the SDK only runs on Macs, is there any way to submit an App as a Windows user?

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  2. Moonjump

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    You need to register for the iOS developer program at $99 a year. App submission must be done on a Mac.
  3. ReignDesign

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    Dec 21, 2009
    iTunes Connect

    After signing up with the iTunes Developer Program you'll get access to iTunes Connect. It's a web-based tool which you use to add the description, screenshots etc of your app, so you'll be able to do that from a Windows computer.

    When you mark your app as "Ready to Upload Binary", the final step of uploading the app needs to be done from a Mac computer, however your developers will probably be happy to do this step for you if needed, so talk to them about what they'll need for this step.
  4. Nick Johnson

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    Its not necessary to purchase the SDK development program, but u have to buy iphone developer membership before submitting your app on Apple store....

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