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    The puzzle game should be like this! DNA of forgotten competition, In this era puzzle game turned to the stage, let's start competition as much as the fingerprint disappears.

    ▶ We came to put the original puzzle game's DNA of forgotten race into your chest.
    ▶ Install the motor on your finger for a minute coolly
    ▶ Action puzzle game should be like this.
    ▶ In the cold winter, rub the smart phone display hotly.

    It is the puzzle game of distinctive idea. And the action is good.
    The design is quite boastful. Samba empire of passion - the skill of Brazilian designer.

    We didn't put too many things in a small screen. We tried to make it neat as much as possible.
    You won't be tired of complexity with too many menus and buttons.

    ▶ Precautions: If you click carelessly, the penalty is applied and the combo connection is cut and the high score can never come out.
    Match one by one slowly!

    Anybody can enjoy the game very easily.
    An old man at age over 70 sometimes exceeds my score.
    Children fall into the pleasure of matching each color.

    It's great for the brain rotation.
    You should apprehend and judge the entire color to score in different colors every moment.

    We'll try not to take too long time.
    I want to break this promise already at this time I'm writing.

    What is clear is that you'll find the new attraction as you do.
    Also, we'll make the new pleasure and attraction to update.

    Achieve the pleasure, joy, and brain health all you have forgotten until now.
    Fly, turn, Divigogogo!!

    [How to play the game]
    Touch(rotating in place - left and right colors change) and move the character to make the colors of characters facing each other same.


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    Jan 13, 2011
    Urgh. The app description alone puts me off. Terrible English

    Sorry but surely companies can use translation companies ? So important to get the description right
  3. coolpepper43

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    "An old man at age over 70 sometimes exceeds my score."
    Who is this old man that is over 70 years old? Lol
  4. Andre

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    Apr 11, 2012
    The best comment in the day. LOL...:p;):D

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