Dive Inside - The Night Sea

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    Prologue - The Night Sea is a mysterious secret object in the Pacific Ocean...

    Ever wanted to dive into the sea? Dive Inside - Treasures of the Night Sea is best for you! Cruise through the depths of the sea surface, explore its nature and try on the role of a treasure hunter who agreed to a dangerous mission to find a mysterious object.

    The Night Sea is a mysterious secret place in the Pacific Ocean. The official status says it’s a sea legend hyped up by journalists. In fact, hundreds of planes have disappeared here and a lot of shipwrecks happened. Command your submarine, customize and upgrade it, and
    explore the mysterious waters. Be careful with Monsieur X, reveal his goals and your reward will be all the gold hidden in the Night Sea.

    Game Features:
    - Beautiful ocean landscapes and realistic graphics
    - Stunning gameplay
    - 3 in 1 —noir, adventures and fiction

    Action stations!





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