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    Hi toucharcade,
    I want to share my new game with you.
    It is being released later this month.


    The gameplay is simple. Just connect the pipes and collect gems.

    What makes it interesting?
    If you do nothing new pipes will be placed automatically.
    One tap and the last placed pipe rotates.
    The rotation determines in which direction the next pipe will go.
    If you need time to think about which way you want to go next you have to keep tapping constantly.

    It's quite challenging to stop tapping just in the right moment to let a new pipe appear in the right place.
    It's all about the right timing.

    Another cool thing is the way in which the game presents your score.
    It zooms out and you can look at what you have built during the gameplay.
    It's also possible to switch between different camera views.
    If you like your score you can share an image of it with your friends.




    Thanks! :)


    dither is live on the App Store! :)
    New Thread for the release:


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