Dino Clash : Tribal War

Chaaarge! Meet the most dangerous animals and warriors in the primitive world! One of the large-scaled strategy war mul…
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Chaaarge! Meet the most dangerous animals and warriors in the primitive world! One of the large-scaled strategy war multiplayer games is here! Enjoy adventure time on your phone and build a legion of primitive clans and dinosaurs! Use your art of warfare and become the strongest in the battle royale set in primitive times! ■ The rule is simple, but the scale of war is big. - It is so easy that anyone can play this multiplayer game, but this is nothing like the other strategy games! - You want a war? Create your dino squad with primitive heroes and dinosaurs. - Merge your heroes and become stronger! It is a war game that fighting with the best attack formation and placement mean a lot! - Think more about your own art of war and become a warfare tactics expert. ■ Do you like animals? Then check out the most dangerous animals in the primitive world! - Dinosaur fans, gather up! Meet a total of 17 dinosaurs from the world of Jurassic period and 34 special primitive warriors. - Don't look down on these little friends. They may look cute, but their ability powers are incredible! - Collect and upgrade your dino clan in the stone age RPG! Ooga Booga! ■ Looking for new merge strategy multiplayer games? - Merge heroes in more powerful ones for free! Use your finger to drag and merge! - Collect various primitive heroes such as a giant warrior, a red magician, a restoration shaman, and many more. - Who's going to be the last one fighting and standing in this afk battle royale? ■ Enjoy the thrilling skills of various dinosaurs afk! - The King of animals! Dinosaurs are here! Meet charming dinosaurs such as T-rex, pteranodon, and others. - Clash with the enemy's army with dinosaurs' special skills! Experience an action-packed battle game! - Enjoy the dramatic battle with dinosaurs and the visual effects while fighting! ■ A ton of content to play through! - Explore over 500 stages and continue your adventure time afk. - Unlock rewards and upgrade raging dinosaurs for free! - Construct your best formation and clash with the enemy's clan! - Battle players in 1:1 PvP Arena! Play a Jurassic merge strategy game now! PLEASE NOTE! A network connection is required to play. It’s free to download and play, but some in-game items will require payment. -Privacy Policy https://www.neonapi.com/api/mobile/global/privacy -Terms of Use (EULA) https://www.neonapi.com/api/mobile/global/terms
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:May 25, 2022
Updated:Aug 16, 2022
Size:340.9 MB
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