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    Jun 13, 2012
    hi, everybody, i just want to introduce a math learning app for you:

    Dingding math introduces early math concepts to children among 3-4 years old. Let the children play math games, help cute friends to solve different math problems. It’s fun and useful.

    It has Nine Funny Games Inside This App
    ★Learn the number 1-5 by helping Mr. Monkey pick bananas;
    ★Recognize the sharps of circle\ triangle through Puzzle games and know how to classify different sharps;
    ★Learn the number 1-10 by helping Squirrel picking nuts, do more Practices, they can know numbers better.

    And,This is our first developing app, we hope everyone can enjoy it ~
    and give us some advices ~Thanks a lot^ ^

    You can download The Pelican here:

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