Diced Demo / Diced Full

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    Diced Demo / Diced Full
    Description: Diced is a puzzle game where you control a diceblocks and attempt to make matches. This means putting together 2 dices withthe face 2 up, 3 dices with the face 3 and so on. When this happens, you eitherget points or time, which are fundamental for the game.

    Diced Demo:
    The Free edition of Diced includes an unlockedTimed Survival mode as well as a Practice Mode. It can also unlock RandomPuzzle Mode and the 2 Minute Challenge.
    Diced Full: The Full edition comes with 15 game modes tochoose from, with 7 being unlocked from start and the remainder coming fromgameplay achievements.

    Where to Download:

    • The Android version is available for download at the Google Play Store (Demo e Full)


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