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    It's official! Just a minute ago, Ecko|Code announced the follow-up to what was iPhone's first cinematic 3D, console-level game back in 2009.

    Here's the first place you'll see the details since I received them a couple hours ago with a NDA until the Comic-Con announcement, being part of the press!

    Developed internally at Ecko|Code in conjunction with SHOWTIME, Dexter The Game 2 puts players in the shoes of America’s favorite vigilante in an open-world Miami. Dexter navigates the city in his own signature style. Crime scenes will be investigated with the knowledge that the serial killers who have evaded Miami’s Police Department will be stalked and given their comeuppance by Dexter's Dark Passenger. Series star and executive producer Michael C. Hall has provided the voice of Dexter Morgan and has been a close collaborator in the game’s development.

    “The fan’s main comment about the original game was that it was too short. With Dexter The Game 2’s procedurally created serial killers and cases, the player will never run out bad guys to stalk and crimes to solve,” said Marc Fernandez, Chief Creative Officer of Ecko|Code. ��“Exploring a richly detailed and vast Miami through Dexter’s eyes is thrilling.”

    "Over the years we’ve worked closely with Ecko|Code to experiment with how fans enjoy experiencing Dexter’s world in the digital space," said Laura Palmer, Senior Vice President, Distributor Marketing, Showtime Networks. “Combining the freedom and the dark humor and suspense of the series, Dexter The Game 2 is unquestionably the most ambitious project yet.”

    Screenshots forthcoming!

    Check out the trailer:

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    Excellent looking forward!
    I'm addictive to Dexter......lol

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