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  1. Abbott1

    Abbott1 Well-Known Member

    Jul 21, 2014
    It finally comes the day that Yiyi Studios released a brand new Dex Touch, It is a new music game with a completely creative gameplay. It was reported before that this game was upgrading and making some improvements, and its primary version Dex Touch1.0 has been released on the App Store months ago.
    You must try it if you are music or game fan, you’ll be able to grab it for completely free of charge with no ads or popups. The question is though, should you?
    The game has 4 modes including classic, mixed, racing and piano mode. This minimalistic game features one seemingly simple task. The premise of each level is to swipe the shown arrows in the direction they indicate. Once error occurs, game over. From this point, it is not as easy as it looks.
    Things are kept simple to begin with and the primary classic mode will even guide you through the process of how to play. Things obviously get much more difficult as things progress and soon you’ll find the game is quite challenging and interesting. You need to focus on the arrows and nothing else especially in racing mode, in which you need to swipe all arrow combinations in a limited time. If you like playing piano, the piano mode may satisfy you momentarily, more than 10 beautiful songs for you to choose from, you may execute them with a virtual piano keyboard. Every mode keeps you thinking quick on your feet and every swipe makes a beautiful rhythm.
    Dex Touch is easy to pick up, players only need to swipe the arrows as required by the game, hang in there and you’ll probably play the whole song and you are likely to play them smoothly once you are skilled. It is a combination of joy and frustration. With enough practice and play through, recognizing the different types of arrows will become second nature.


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