Devil's Mansion (PinBall)

"Devil's Mansion" is a game designed and produced by the Taiwan R&D team, which will take you into a fantasy haunted hou…
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"Devil's Mansion" is a game designed and produced by the Taiwan R&D team, which will take you into a fantasy haunted house full of relaxation and fun. Here, you will no longer be just an ordinary devil, but the "devil who doesn't want to be a devil but opens a haunted house to make a living" who decided to open a haunted house to attract tourists! Game Intro In a way similar to Japanese pachinko throwing marbles, you will be able to call out various monsters to frighten visitors to the haunted house. Through ingenious catapults and the summoning of corresponding monsters, you will be able to create the most frightening scenes, allowing visitors to experience the thrill of terror and scalp tingling that they have never had before. Game Features *This game is created by a top R&D team from Taiwan. *The operation of the game is simple and easy to understand, suitable for players to engage in easily at any time and enjoy a pleasant entertainment time. *Players will take on the role of a maverick devil who no longer seeks to rule the world but transforms his evil powers into laughter and terror. Game Fun *In the game, Master Demon King, you will collect rare marbles, each of which has a unique ability, which will bring your game strategy to a higher level. *Collect powerful props! Lord Demon King will be able to increase the scaring ability of monsters, which will make tourists dumbfounded. *The legendary monsters in the game are waiting to be summoned by the Demon King. Collect these monsters and show your true strength! *Challenge yourself, as well as players around the world, to create the highest scare score, make tourists jump in fear, and rush to escape from your haunted house. Game achievements * Become the best-haunted house operator and impress every visitor in your haunted house. *Create the highest scare score: Break through the limit, challenge your own record, and create jaw-dropping scare scenes. *Endless challenges to scare the strong: Compete with other players and prove that you are the true master of this haunted house world! Ready to start your fright journey? Become a "Devil's Haunted House" operator, let every visitor experience a thrilling adventure in your haunted house!
Genre:Arcade, Family
Release:Sep 03, 2023
Updated:Jan 16, 2024
Size:92.9 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal