Developer: types of games you like ( need alot of feedback please)

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    Hi Iam the lead programmer at krehol games . We are a small team and look to do the kind of games you can pick up and play instantly . I need feedback on the types of games that make you addicted quickly . This is a video of Krehol Games Momo Alien Starcatcher game. Itunes link

    1) What types of videos make you want a game?

    2) Do you like serious or cartoon type graphics?

    3) What do you see in a game that makes you buy it instantly ?

    4) Are these videos good or bad in you eyes?

  2. madmud101

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    Dec 30, 2009
    1) Depends on the game. Either explosive, fun and exciting or relaxing, inspiring and well presented. Edge/Tilt to Live trailer and Let's Create Pottery trailer comes to mind respectively.

    2) Cartoony, but with a uniques tyle definitely works. Check out Helsings Fire. Cut the Rope is an example of the cheeky mood that attracts players in games. However, you need to create your own style. DOn't just copy the ones I have mentioned. Depending on the sort of game, but cartoony generally works better.

    3) Great concept, addicting gameplay, innovative, unique graphics, polished.

    4) The first video doesn't interest me AT ALL. The game looks boring and something that has already been seen and done before. The second video seems better. There are more things going on and intrigues me a bit more. But it still wouldn't encourage me to go buy the game.

    I hope this helps.
  3. Krehol Games

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    thanks alot for your feedback

    Thanks for your feedback .Can more people jump into the disscussion , I need alot of feedback good or bad.
  4. Epox

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    Jul 30, 2010
    1) Funny trailers or trailers that show the game at its highest points. Really depends on game type. If you tell me about type of game, I can give you a picture.

    2) Serious graphics cause I have an ipt4


    4) As other guys said trailer isn;t going to make me buy game.

    Some trailer I like:
    - Corporate Fury
    - Monster Dash
  5. Krehol Games

    Krehol Games Well-Known Member

    thanks alot for your feedback

    thank for your feedback , would anyone else like to contribute.
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    1) Ones like..."From the developers of..." BOOOM "Comes there next big hit" BOOM.
    2)I prefer Serious Games.
    3)Lots of Possibilities', Game Center and Good Reviews
    A) Bad: No information on what the score means, Tooo much happening at once and just looks too retro.
    B) Bad: Again, too retro and too much going on but it's a bit more better graphics wise compared with the first.
  7. Ddyracer123

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    Aug 4, 2009

    1: Trailers or gameplay vids that show what i want to see. Keep it short, get the action plus the "coolness".

    2: I like "serious" and cartoony. For casual games, cartoony is more expected.

    3: It's gotta be fun of course and have something unique about it. Humor, Graphics, intuitive controls, replay ability/value, Content. And lots more which i can't think up at the moment.

    4: make a trailer, (the headlines whatever their called) show the gameplay, maybe the tutorial/help screen.
  8. Krehol Games

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    good feedback

    This is good I see some mistakes I made in presentation. I should have described the power-ups and features of the game better. The game is fast pace , so probaly people dont understand whats going on. The game is original however , it doesnt clone off of anyone. Ok if anyone has more to add to help me out , I would apprieciate it.
  9. madmud101

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    Dec 30, 2009
    If you are going to use these two videos as your teaser/trailers then it is bad. A trailer doesn't consist of you playing it from a bad angle, with the screen too dark.

    This could be a demonstration for the gameplay, but you need another to introduce the game. You should have game full screen so it is clear. Don't try and capture it with your camera.
  10. MidianGTX

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    Jun 16, 2009
    London, UK
    You can actually do pretty good trailers that show your hands, I think Firemint did it with Real Racing... the key is to have a completely white background rather than a dark one.

    Yeah, found it:

  11. iPlayer3000

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    Nov 10, 2010

    Honestly I brought the game a while back , so my opinion wont reflect whats written here by people who havent brought the game .
    I think the 2nd video should but what your using to sell the game BUT!!! It needs to be a bit sharper. I think people dont understand whats going on , thats why they dont buy it. If the video was sharper and you describe whats going on as you show the game , that will get people excited.
    I think its a pretty simple and fun game. The game should appeal to casual gamers. Sooner or later people will try it just to see whats it about and show thier friends. GoodLuck!!!
  12. Uberblake

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    Jan 4, 2010
    Those videos weren't very good, but if I had to get on of those games it would be the second one.

    1. Don't make games that only young kids would want to have.
    2. Serious graphics
    3.Original games are better...because they aren't lame rip offs.
    4.Action games usually come out better than non-action games
  13. MasterChief3624

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    Oct 11, 2009
    1. I seriously don't care what type of video is given, so long as it has even a smidgen of gameplay shining through. I don't dog on a developer's video if it's not professionally crafted with the utmost precision and highest budget. I understand that most developers trying to make their games known are on a tight budget and they don't really have the time/money to make a brilliant trailer or video. If it's even a logo, a couple seconds of gameplay, and then ten minutes of nothing, I'm still happy. Gameplay being shown is all that matters to me, not production values :p

    2. Even with the onslaught of cartoon-like graphics-based games on the App Store, I still prefer the cartoony stuff. Realistic/serious graphics are fine, but something about cartoony graphics feels a lot more natural on the iDevices. Maybe that's just me, though. I don't have too much of a preference of one over the other, but I prefer cartoony stuff by a tad, moreso because it feels like more of a natural fit on the console.

    3. I never buy anything instantly anymore, unless I'm feeling really adventurous. The ones I really cling to and want to buy the most, though, are puzzle games in the vein of Trainyard and Chromixa. That type of stuff really hooks me for some reason. I also love games with adorable animals or pretty icons. Who doesn't? :p

    4. The videos are fine. They show gameplay and that's all that matters to me. Though it might be appropriate to add in a release date or a notification that the game is out now (if that's the case), but other than that they're fine.

    Your second video is showing a lot of ghosting, though. It's like the camera can't take the fast motion and it's making everything that's moving appear as a ghosting figure. Not so much a qualm as it is a suggestion, but maybe a different camera would be in order to catch the images in the way they're supposed to be caught?

    There's my two cents. And good luck on your next game :cool:
  14. Krehol Games

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    Thanks to all

    1. I make games for casual gamers , I dont have the buget to make 3D nextgen type games. I hope I do well so I can in the future :)

    2. Same as 1 .

    3.Our game is original , but I think you mean in general . Yes always!

    4. This game has plenty of action :) I think you should buy it instantly if thats what your looking for.

    Also the Game Momo Alien Starcatcher has 2 options of charactors to play. Both charactors have thier own games and power-ups . We will keep updating the game , so far the people who brought the game Momo Alien Starcatcher love it. Right now I just have to find ways of making my presentation better. Thanks you to all of you, your advice has been very helpful.

    I already started implementing some of the advice here and hopefully people will get to see and enjoy my original new game Momo Alien Starcatcher. If anyone has any more advice feel free to join in . I love the responses here , alot of solid advice.

    Itunes link

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