iPad Developer needs help testing new free GPS MMO

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    Oct 19, 2010
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    Hi guys,

    My name is San Shepherd from indie developer Feel Great Games Ltd. We just released Mogul on the app store. It's a geo-location based game that let's you trade in real world properties.

    Were working 24/7 to get updates and patches out to add new features, keep up with bugs and keep the game running as more and more users join the game.

    We're no longer able to develop, fix bugs and test the new versions at a pace that doesn't mean were slow to launch the latest patches.

    If any of you like playing games on the move and want to help us out we'd really appreciate it! :D

    Give us a shout on info@feelgreatproductions.com

    If you want to check out the game, Mogul can be downloaded here:

    Thanks in advance,


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