[DEV] RAMJET - 2d turn based space based physics game about crashing into other ships!

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    Feb 15, 2017
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    Hey everyone, long time member long time lurker. Been working on an iOS project on the side and felt it was in a place to share. I recently put a build of it up on itch.io if anyone is interested in giving feedback @ https://tygamesdev.itch.io/ramjet

    The game is based on a pool game I thought was billiards from my youth, three balls on the table plus a cue ball. As long as the shooter keeps hitting two balls he gets points and gets another turn, till he or she misses or scratches.

    See a clip of it @ https://twitter.com/tygamesdev/status/1288196771966062597

    This is my take on that, Ramjet is a turn based pool game in space. You operate an asteroid smasher, the only ship standing between earth and an alien armada in the wake of the destruction of earth's navy. As an asteroid smasher, you have a unique ability to re-energize your ship's engines by hitting other metallic objects. Smash into two or more enemy ships in order to gain an extra turn. If you can't, use your turn to do as much damage as you can while positioning yourself outside the range of enemies.

    It’ll have unlockable ships, upgradable abilities, twenty enemy types and hopefully more. Appreciate any and all feedback.

    Can follow along @ https://twitter.com/tygamesdev/status/1291243203627290626?s=21

    Cheers Ty

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