Derendal: IDLE RPG Text Adventure [Open Beta] [FREE]

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    Dec 13, 2018

    Hello Everyone,

    After few month of work i want to present to you my vision of RPG Idle Style Game.
    In it your main task is to be the best hero in world of Derendal.


    In the land of dragons and swords new hero has arise whose task is to defeat the army conquering the world of Derendal. For this purpose, he must constantly upgrade their skills to face the impending challenges. He must also improve his equipment, because the enemy never sleeps and becomes stronger.

    Will you help save the world of Derendal from destruction?

    1. Item generated based on current progress.
    2. Four main statistics based on RPG style games ( Strength affects your damage, the speed at how quickly you cross a given location etc.)
    3. Over 15 skills to level up.
    4. Many levels of improvements (skills, weapons, stats, books, training )
    5. Over 30 enemies to defeat.
    6. Over 100 location levels to unlock :)
    7. Offline gameplay
    8. No ascend system - Your gameplay will keep going forward
    Check the current version of the game at:

    If you would like to have more impact on the next things that I will add to the game, visit the discord server:

    Or our reddit community:

    This is a one-person project, but I plan to further develop it and add new elements inspired by RPG games, such as raids, boss fights and dungeons.

    Please let me know if you like this concept, and possibly what you would like to see in this game. :)


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