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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Team Derelict, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Hello everyone!

    [​IMG] '

    Something new...
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    Dereliction v1.1 Universal Release
    Dereliction v1.1 will be out on the 16th of July, 2018. This update adds the ability to play Dereliction on an iPhone.

    Dereliction will also be on sale between the 16th and the 23rd of July, to go along with this update.

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  4. candyjet

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Is there a campaign?
    Are the levels procedurally generated?
    Looks a bit Tower Defencey to me, which I am not a fan of. Is it?

  5. Team Derelict

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    There is a story campaign that ties everything together
    The levels are all built by me
    It is not tower defence. Its a tactical shooter. So there are some time where you hold a position to shoot, but most of the time you are on the move.
    The game rewards fast, smart play.
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    How is everyone doing with the game so far?
    What about the iPhone version? Anyone enjoying or having trouble with that?
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    Feb 2, 2010
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    yeah, the iPhone version works like a charm!

    i didn't have much time to play long sessions in games this week, and from what i've played of Dereliction i can say that is really good, not a mere TD, as i previously thought, but a real RTS like the ones on the golden era of PC gaming.

    excelent work, pal!
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    Thank you so much! Thats really nice to hear!

    I was a little worried earlier today, thinking that there wasn't a huge demand for such a game as mine. I know it requires a LOT from the player, and not all of it is apparent. Like, the differences between machine guns and assault rifles.

    Im working on a old school Manual, for those who are interested, its on my site:

    Things are going smoothly, and Ive got a few things being worked on. All exciting stuff! For v1.2 Thats right!

    Its not the best video...btw.
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    OK so I havent been doing the best at showing ACTUAL GAMEPLAY in my trailers.
    So Ive created something interesting. This is a recording of me playing level 1. However, its not from the ipad's screen but Unity Editor's scene viewer. This overhead view shows only the Minimap but It shows a full level, moving from positions, taking point, covering objectives, and such. Until all soldiers are into the exit.

    Please check it out!

    Hopefully it will be a little clearer on what the game is all about! Let me know what you think!
    Edit: For clarity, i was playing with slow motion on, and sped up the recorded video
  10. candyjet

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Sorry, but this really is an exercise in frustration. Differentiating the control necessary to drag the soldier, from dragging the map, is nigh on impossible. The result is that the map moves instead of the soldier, and vice versa.

    I haven’t managed to work out how the doors lock/unlock. It seems random.

    I cannot gather my squad at the end of the first mission, because one is stuck behind the locked doors.

    There may be a worthwhile game in here eventually, but it needs work.

    Was this Beta tested at all?

    Sorry. I really wanted to like this. But I do not.
  11. Team Derelict

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    You are in luck with that! Try this, press pause in the top right. There is a button with a star saying "one finger controls" This is what you are having trouble with. With it deselected you will never accidentally move a soldier, or move the camera.

    One finger swipes on a soldier will move a soldier.

    2 finger swipes will move the camera.

    Give it a Try (to be continued)
  12. Team Derelict

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    The Doors have a Blue Circle front and center of the opening. It actually has a 3d lock that goes from locked to unlocked.
    Holding this Blue circle will start it spinning like a tumbler lock, and it will stop after 3 seconds or so. The lights of the door are Green, for not locked. Red for locked. Yellow for Broken.
    So yes. The only Blue thing on each door. 3 seconds till the lights change.

    the REAL game starts around level 3, the others are tutorials. First level covers moving and its a bit of a chore. I have played the "Docking Bay" HUNDREDS of times and its always breaking and giving people issues.
    So hopefully do not worry about a missing soldier in that level. The next levels cover Tubes and Keys. There are enemies in those levels.
  13. Team Derelict

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    I understand what you mean, even if it sounds a little harsh. Yes of course its been tested, each and every day. Each build (several builds a day) have to be tested from beginning to end, level 1-15. Every Build I have to beat the entire game from the start. I do this because I find and fix any issues I come across. A build isnt version 1, 2, 3. there are dozens of builds per version number. I was at around 200 for v1.0

    I am saying "I" a lot. This is because I am the only person working on this. And while I have a great group of testers who volunteer to try things, I have to also do it all myself. If only because I want to make sure its to the best of what I can do.

    I am sorry if you do not like the game. All I can say is i hope you will one day, given more time. Please be patient with me as all of this is new to me :D Im not sitting around, wondering why Im not making money. I am working nearly 24/7 starting at 4:00am today.

    This is my passion. This is what I love. This is what I do, what I will be doing.

    Thank you for reading, and writing here to begin with.
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    v1.2 Progress - about half of levels reworked, and 100% are rewired with new Nav System (better levels, smarter Ai)
    - 1 of 3 New Levels Done So Far
    - Ill take another look at "Docking Bay"
    Adding things to Rooms
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    Aug 25, 2010
    Thanks for the replies Team D. I have had another go, and the ‘One finger controls’ option has improved things a lot. But...

    I find that often the team member gets detached from their green HUD. They then start wandering all over the shop. Not sure why.

    At the end of the first mission when you hold the button for 5 seconds to exit, it is not at all obvious that if you only have one soldier there, the rest are left behind. I don’t know whether that matters.

    Finally, the map scrolling still needs to be a bit smoother.

    Yesterday, I’d give the game 1/10. Today, probably 6/10. It just needs polish.
  16. Team Derelict

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    That is great to hear! Thank you for giving it another go!
    Please PM me and ill send you a super secret early release on v1.2 that you can try! Then, if theres anything thats still needed, I can include it into v1.2 without having to send it off to Apple first.

    When Playing, remember the green circles are your orders. And you do not touch the soldiers. Take small steps, be aware that the soldiers take the long route around a LOCKED red door. That is probably the issue of them wandering.

    As for leaving soldiers behind, Sometimes a sacrifice is needed. one must die defending the other 4. Sometimes. But yes, get them all into the exit first (this is a mistake everyone makes once)

    You can also reset the green circle by holding down on a soldier. They stop and it resets.

    Finally, Start and stay in Slow motion, its a brutal game, and the fact its tough to control doesn't help at all.

    Have fun and good luck, Commander
  17. Team Derelict

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    Heres a preview of a new Level. You can see it has very different rooms than the others.
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    Mar 9, 2014
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    What does levelling up do? I have seen no change in stats and still can’t use the last 2 guns.

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