Universal Demon's Rise 2: Lords of Chaos (by Wave Light Games)

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    Oct 18, 2017
    Morkarn wasn't expendable as I recall. It said he needed to survive. Right? I'm pretty sure.

    Another, smaller graphical annoyance is the quick battles box goes outside the screen. The edges of it I mean. So when you click on the X to close it again, you can see some of it as being outside the iPad screen edge, which is a little weird. Not major or anything, but if you're fixing things anyway some day.

    Oh, and one final thing that really bugged me. Or 2 things I guess.

    When you click end turn you then have to confirm, which is fine, but if you carry on playing, and choose a new character to look at, or move or whatever, the buttons overlap. So you have UNDO and CONFIRM or whatever on top of one another. It looks weird. Wouldn't it make sense to have the CONFIRM thing go away if you then click anywhere else (i.e. you're continuing to play)?

    When you move and have that UNDO thing, if you then select a new character to look at. Even if it's just to see how many actions they have left or whatever, your UNDO goes away. Even if you haven't done anything at all. I've been screwed by that a few times. That's probably just me, but shouldn't the UNDO just stay there until the character attacks or casts a spell?

    And... ok I promise last thing now. This is a tiny tiny tiny thing, but why are you able to cast Mind control on characters with more than 100 health? It just fails obviously, but why is it even possible if it's 100% fail rate anyway as per spell instructions. Sometimes I forgot the cap, and wasted all that mana, and was sad :p

    Thinking about it, I have so many small things I want to mention, but if you don't want to fix issues like the glaring spelling errors, then I don't think there's much point in mentioning them :D

    I'm done with the game now, so I can't go back and test things to confirm anyway. Was a decent game. I did think that the first one was much tighter, but that's perhaps just down to personal preference :)

    But holy heck, did this one leech battery. My god, I've never seen a game hog so much battery as I was witness to in this game.

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