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  1. Crazy Oyster Games

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    Hello! :)

    DEMO VERSION of our next game, Obscura Nubibus, is now available.

    We’re looking for gameplay feedback. Is it understandable? Challenging? Too hard? Too easy? Fun? Boring? Would you like to play more levels? Tell us what rocks & what needs improvement. Please remember that this is not the final visual version.

    Play here:

    We’ll appreciate every feedback so if you’re willing to help us please play the demo and then send it to us.

    Each person who will write us feedback will receive a promo code of their choice - for paid game or any freemium games' in-app. :)

    Thank you for your help & support! :)

    PS. In the final version game will be available on iOS & Android.

  2. Crazy Oyster Games

    Crazy Oyster Games Well-Known Member

    Newest Obscura Nubibus demo version is now live.

    And we're looking for more feedback - let us know what rocks & what needs improvement. THANKS! :)

    Play it here: https://crazyoystergames.com/games/obscura-nubibus/

    Most important changes:
    - you can play with or without grid/snapping
    - fixed a few bugs related to clever ways to solve levels the not intended way

    - a ton of UX changes based on your feedback
  3. Casalex

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    Sep 30, 2020
    Looks good! I like the puzzle physics :)

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