Defend The King - original tower defense/action game

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    Hello! One Cat Army here.

    This is our new game and we'll be very happy if you could look at it.
    It's original tower defense/action game - gameplay you probably haven't experienced yet.
    You have to build a strong fortifications to defend the King!

    Here is it (Google Play): Defend The King

    Any feedback will be appreciated!

    Description of the game:
    - 3 chapters containing 36 levels together, which you will travel through together with the King, facing increasing challenges (further chapters under construction)
    - Several blocks from which various buildings can be built (hopefully strong enough!)
    - Innovative and atmospheric graphics
    - Different types of robots, which often require a different approach to building fortifications
    - Intriguing plot
    - No micropayments (everything is completely free!)

    And remember the most important - the best way to defend yourself is... to defend yourself!

    Some screenshots:

    DTK_S1.jpg DTK_S3.jpg DTK_S5.jpg

    Thanks in advance!

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