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  1. blackboyblaza

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    Dec 29, 2013
    From what I know and what I was told here is the possibility of what happened
    the coordinates lead to a Vietnamese hospital. in this hospital there is a little girl, who is the one in demo. the masked woman is a nurse while deemo is the doctor. she got sick and feel down the hole if you will. so deemo is helping her get back to health by growing the tree so she could get out
  2. jusdavis123

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    Jan 16, 2014
    Anyone know why deemo tagline is "Never left without saying goodbye"? Really curious cause the story can have many interpretations
  3. CTChocoholic

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    Jan 29, 2014
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    Am I the only person who has unlocked 31 songs?
    I don't really remember how I unlocked them.
    Song List:
    1. Dream
    2. Reflection (Mirror Night)
    3. Jumpy Star
    4. Wings of Piano
    5. Nine Point Eight
    6. Light Pollution
    7. Undo
    8. Platinum
    9. Utopiosphere
    10. Reverse - Parallel Universe
    11. I hate to tell you
    12. Saika
    13. Invite
    14. Run Go Run
    15. Yawning Lion
    16. Pulse
    17. Electron
    18. Untitled2
    19. Walking by the sea
    20. Beyond The Stratus
    21. Sairai
    22. Metal Hypnotized
    23. Rainy Memory
    24. Peach Lady
    25. Hey Boy
    26. Pilot
    27. Friction
    28. I race the dawn
    29. Moon without the stars
    30. Sanctity
    31. Hua Sui Yue
    I play Deemo on Galaxy Tab 2 and it's a full version apk I got somewhere :D
    My tree is on 16.674m.

    Just got to 18m. 32 songs.
    Got Entrance for that xD
  4. Kronon

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    Oct 21, 2011
    Higher difficulty.

    Hi, I do apologize if this has been asked and answered before, but does anyone know if there is a higher difficulty past Hard?

    I've noticed that when you're playing, there's the silhouette of some extra notes that are omitted as you are playing. That seems to indicate that there might be a higher difficulty with all the notes intact.

    Coming from a Bemani background myself, I won't say that the Hard songs are easy, but I think they can be a bit more challenging. So far the only song that I haven't been able to break the 95% mark is Entrance.

    Appreciate any replies and assistance! Thanks!
  5. Cadenza

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    Jun 11, 2013
    This game is absolutely beautiful.
    The music is wonderful and everything about it is artful.
    The gaming world needs more gems like this, right now it's completely saturated with those mindless zombie/endless runner/match-3 games, and unfortunately seems most people are perfectly content with artless games like those.
  6. Shiro Mifune

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    Meaning of Songs' Art and Lyrics

    "The girl has taken car accident and unconscious/memory lost in the hospital. Deemo is a doctor and the masked lady is a nurse." This is what I think is the meaning behind the songs' art and lyrics from the scenario above:

    Dream represents the girl's imagination of the story in Deemo (Game).

    Wings of Piano represents Deemo being the doctor. (Wings representing him as an angel, a savior; doctor)

    Undo represents her memories.

    Platinum represents people praying for her safety.

    Utopiosphere's lyrics and art represents the time remaining for her.

    Reverse represents Deemo attempting to save the girl, but he is losing out on time.

    I hate to tell you represents a funeral, as shown from the girl in a black dress, and also the rain. It is probably the girl's funeral.

    Untitled2 represents Deemo finding ways/solutions to save her.

    Sairai represents Masked Lady's true self, taking off the mask that hides her face.

    Magnolia represents the girl's death, as shown of her sitting on a tombstone ( The tombstone could be hers) and the light could be the chemical reaction from the brain when she's dying.

    Pulses represents that the girl has been saved by Deemo, and Deemo probably donated his blood to the girl. And the heart monitor also represents the girl being alive.

    Lastly, the tree. To get Pulses, you need to reach 20m, and then the tree will stop growing. The tree may represent her recovery. She is most likely gotten an acute blood lost due to the accident. And when getting Pulses, she will say, "I can hear a pulse from the tree..." or something, this pulse is her pulse. The tree stopped growing because she is fully recovered. Now, Masked Lady. As the girl was losing a huge amount of blood, she recovered a blood transfusion. Deemo, having the same blood type, donates his blood to her. Masked lady is against it, and tries to stop Deemo, but fails. After that, both of them are alive, but Deemo gave too much bloodm weakening him. This is probably why Masked lady said, "Both of you, it's time to rest." I think that she suffered a bit of psychological damage, as Deemo could die and both of them are close to each other too. I don't know the other song's meanings but anyways, this is my hypothesis of the game's story.

    lLIGHTNINGl Member

    May 5, 2014
    I'm worried about those in app purchases. How required are they to play the game? Can you get the content just by playing?
  8. chaos_envoys

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    Jan 1, 2011
    Medical Doctor
    Pokke Village, Indonesia
    About the iap.. Anyone knows how much the price for each of it?
  9. nightc1

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    Oct 19, 2012
    I looked earlier on the AppStore and its $3.99 per book of music. I'm not sure how many tracks that is, the first book which makes up the main game is at least 25 songs.
  10. Paradoxq13

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    Nov 2, 2012
    Deemo 2.0! Yes! Playing this as soon as I possibly can. I hope TA will mention the new update.
  11. Yeah, I'm surprised TA hasn't (unless I overlooked it in an Update Monday), since it's from here that I caught on to it at all, IIRC.

    I oughta get 'round to playing through this all, given all them presumed spoilers I had to scroll by on this thread page alone!
  12. poetric

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    Jul 4, 2014
    Has anyone tried the new Forgotten Hourglass DLC? Worth it? It kind of sounds from the description that it involves playing through the game from the beginning again...
  13. Anova

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    Nov 14, 2012
    You get a lot of new songs and the story expands quite a bit. Yes you have to play through again, but they sped up progression. Also they made the story and world much bigger depending on how far back you played.
  14. nyanpass

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    Dec 30, 2017
    This game is temporarily being discounted to commemorate the new release of the developer. If you are interested in one of the most famous mobile music games, take this opportunity. :p

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