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    App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.

    █ Are you tired of boring old books that you can only read once? Do you want to choose how your story ends? “Decide your own Adventure Stories” let's you decide where the story leads. Each time you read you get a different result. Literally endless possibilities.

    After you read each page you are given two options. Do you do this? Or do you do that? Touch your choice and the page will turn. The story continues until you come to a dead end where you can start again for a different result. Unlike the popular books from the 80s "Decide Your Own Adventure Stories" include animations that bring the story to life.

    There are 2 complete story lines to choose from with more to follow.


    Tales of Captain Bloodlust:

    You are an adventurous treasure hunter sailing on the high seas. Your sailing boat suddenly hits a rock and starts to sink. You look at the water and notice your boat is surrounded by sharks. Off in the distance you see a ship approaching. You have a small inflatable dinghy. Do you...

    A) ...take the dinghy?

    B) ...wait for the ship?

    Read on to see how it ends. Do you find some hidden treasure? Maybe you find love.
    Alien Encounters near Rigel 7:

    It's the year 2525. Space travel has become fast, reliable and commonplace thanks to the discovery of dark matter. You are the sole survivor of an ill-fated mission to seek out reserves of dark matter in the Rigel 7 region of the Orion nebula. It's been a week since the oxygen recycling plant exploded killing almost everyone on board. You are down to your last portable oxygen tank so things are getting desperate. The dark matter detector has just given a positive reading. The co-ordinates point to a dark mysterious planet, just behind a bright green planet. Both are very nearby. You set your ship to their course. There is an escape pod with some more oxygen which you could use, but you are surrounded by space debris and it's less sturdy. As you consider your options a silver flying saucer flies into view and is heading for your ship. Do you...

    A) ...take the escape pod?

    B) ...wait for the saucer?

    What amazing adventure will you have in outer space?

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