Dead Earth: Combat Shooter 3D

ThunderBull Entertainmen
Become the last hope of humanity in a dramatic war against rebellious machines. Shoot tons of bullets, explore unbelieva…
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Become the last hope of humanity in a dramatic war against rebellious machines. Shoot tons of bullets, explore unbelievable cities and defeat a deadly boss in the ultimate battle. Exciting features: fight against endless waves of cyber - enemies, breathtaking graphics, fast paced shooting experience, experience epic story in a world occupied by machines, defeat a legendary boss and become the liberator of societies, 10 fantastic guns at your disposal in battle, urban surrounding as battlefield, buy new extra guns and spread extinction, tune your armor and stand tough against enemies, defeat enemies with deadly grenades, defend every corner of the city Born of Treacherous Machines In the distant future humans couldn’t cope with wars and battlefields - they needed help. Misunderstood genius - Wolfgang Deus Zart - proposed to build an army of cyborgs and robots. Intention was pure - to save human lives. But the effect appaled everyone… Rebellion After years of prosperity and peace, after a century without even one human casualty on the frontline, modern problems have looked into the eyes of humans. New enemy was born, through years he gained strength right under human eyes. Our robot servants became our demise. They tried to kill every human and animal, even deers in forests weren't safe. The War Humanity fought on every battlefield trying to save their lives. Special groups of commandos were called to fight on our side; even them, those special forces trained in counter fights and deadly strikes couldn’t fulfill their duty and help citizens live through their lives. Many were dead or mutilated. This was a trigger of more dramatic events. Even players of fps games were sent to the battlefields. Modern weapons were too weak to help them, warfare took unexpected direction - course of the combat were never the same. Cataclysm Peoples take refuge in huge cities called shelters, surrounded by ultimate and weapons, tanks and airplanes ready to fight in combat for destiny. Everyone's lived terrified. Doom of every living being was possible.
Seller:ThunderBull Entertainmen
Genre:Action, Simulation
Release:Oct 31, 2014
Updated:Jan 10, 2017
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