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    While not quite a game, I thought some of you might be interested in my latest app Dazzler. It is a fun little entertainment app and I don't believe there is anything quite like it on the AppStore.

    In short, Dazzler is a high quality particle simulator which responds to your touch.

    Dazzler Website

    AppStore Link

    Hope you ladies and gentlemen enjoy it :)

    AppStore Description
    Dazzler. Move the stars themselves with just a finger.

    With Dazzler, you can turn your iPhone or iPod touch into your very own particle visualizer. Then have it respond to your touch to create a stunning display of colors and effects.
    Coordinate your own fireworks show. Create a galaxy. Make it snow in the summer. Have a flame dance to your touch. Or create your very own unique particle visualization to show off to your friends.

    Each visualization is very customizable.
    You can adjust the size, shape, color, speed, rotation, gravity, sound and more to truly make your own creation. Then save it so you can come back and play with it at any time.

    Just looking to relax? Pick some music in the iPod app then launch Dazzler and watch the screen come to life with your very own particle visualization. You can even have them automatically dance across the screen to create a truly unique experience. All while your music plays in the background. It's truly a sight of wonderment.
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    Feb 19, 2009
    seems like spawn illuminati (sp)

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