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    Dec 6, 2014
    Day sleepy Junior World Champion and this man this is channel muscle to shop from my Kazakhstan the set number tithe context of six at the Asian Games last year behind his teammate a I'm not only get a cool runner of from Moldavia in this year's European Championships in not cut I'm posted a total of over400 kilos but they right of BioMuscle XR me in the World Championships another even of but this one is Altair represented the ukraineoriginally from the Crimea next it's really I in laying 2008 Beijing Olympic championhaha who is shooting up for today won the Asian Games last year next staff on a real what time she of the bronze medalist farm last year and not turkey representing Rumania from all the way from Korea the Asian Games champion all ages champion up this season this is Kim mean yeah I just 18 years range an end to .

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