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    Version 1.2 is out! What's new?

    1. Fixed critical issues
    2. Improved startup loading performance
    DAY Key features:

    1. Intuitive design, functions are easy-to-use and comprehensively covered

    2. Optimized screen size for effective retrieval of information

    1. Browse with vertical scrolling: events planned across months can be tracked with continuity (impossible with the horizontal scrolling found in other common applications)

    2. Monthly display: (1) events can be arbitrarily displayed with a 5, 4, 3 or 2-weeks view (2) event subjects are viewed all at once in the form of mini-texts

    3. Weekly display: (1) event subject, people, location and budget are instantly shown at the first level (2) full event details can be retrieved on the same page with just an extra tap, enabling the user to track other days without going back and forth (3) quick access to frequently used functions (i.e., delete an event, email an event and insert expense) without entering edit mode

    4. Displays significantly more events in one view: a max. of 9 events in the weekly display and 140 events in the monthly display

    5. Can “swipe” to move instantly from weekly to monthly display

    6. Supports Chinese lunar-year calendar

    1. Events can be categorized in two levels: Calendars and Series (under each Calendar) for optimal organization – both levels can be viewed/added/edited on the same page

    2. In each Series, common people, location and budget details can be automatically transferred to corresponding new events, thus saving time from repeated inputs

    Event details:
    1. User can choose “Until Completed” for events that persist over time until they are completed – the events will be continuously displayed that simulates a to-do task list

    2. Flexible time-setting options in creating a new event

    3. “Reminder” function: the user can be pop-alerted with customized message prior to, during or after an event

    4. “Repeat” function: events can be repeatedly displayed with a wide range of time options (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and multiple periods)

    5. People can be added to an event even they do not exist in the contact list

    Expenses tracking:
    1. Allows easy setting and tracking of monthly and weekly expenses for effective management of personal finances

    1. Passcode protected

    2. Automatically locked in sleep mode for maximal protection (uncommonly found in most other applications)

    3. Individual events can be auto-locked and additionally protected with passcode

    1. Backup function: Current inputs can be saved as backup and restored in future – all backups can be named as the user wishes

    Other experience:
    1. Events can be shared with others through email

    2. Advanced search function is available

    3. Landscape full-screen viewing is available in monthly and weekly displays

    4. “Stays on” function: the screen can stay “visibly” on within a arbitrarily-set time period, which enhances efficiency and convenience at work

    System supports:
    1. iOS 4 Fast App Switching

    2. Retina display
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    The app is #73 on iPhone What's Hot category. Do you think people are organized enough or just too lazy? ;-)
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    And it's going up and up! DAY element is on #35 in What's Hot chart for for iPhone Productivity category

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