Dawn of Crafting

Goktug Yilmaz
● Minecraft meets Cookie Clicker ● Craft inventions & Discover recipes ~~~~~~~~~ ~HONORS~ ~~~~~~~~~ ● Most updated iOS…
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● Minecraft meets Cookie Clicker ● Craft inventions & Discover recipes ~~~~~~~~~ ~HONORS~ ~~~~~~~~~ ● Most updated iOS game of 2016. (61 times) ● Mash of 6 genres: RPG, Puzzle, Incremental, Adventure, Unfolding, Crafting ● Most of our players play 20+ hours, are you one of them? ● “You've never played anything like Dawn of Crafting!” -Notch ● Featured on the App Store multiple times ~~~~~~~~ ~STORY~ ~~~~~~~~ You are a lost young Homo Sapien whose village was destroyed by the Homo Erectus. Master Crafter Alf, takes you as his apprentice and teaches you the fine art of crafting. You learn everything you can, increase your skills, discover new recipes and craft a lot of items. You build a village one stick at a time and further progress humankind. But some forces will stand in the way of your progress... ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Community~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dawn of Crafting has an active & loving community where you can share strategies, discover hidden features, design new features for the devs and make new friends all over the world. Join us on Touch Arcade & Reddit, links below. ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~FEATURES~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ◆ NO ADS & NO IAP REQUIRED We both hate that stuff. ◆ GUARANTEED MONEY RETURN If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. ◆ OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER Play in your subway and toilet! ◆ INFINITE REPLAYABILITY Prestige and keep going! ◆ CASUAL & HARDCORE Play at your own pace or craft like a madman! ◆ USE LOGIC & INTUITION Average people may run out of brain RAM. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~DOWNLOAD NOW!~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Download now and start crafting! See how civilization progresses with new updates! ● If you like Minecraft ▶ Download
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Seller:Goktug Yilmaz
Genre:Puzzle, Role Playing, Simulation
Release:Jan 08, 2016
Updated:Jul 17, 2018
Size:97.5 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal