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    Hi guys,

    This is our latest application for the iPhone & iPad. It's called 'Dating: Ask a Girl', where we worked with the beautiful Annabelle, a girl whom we think is a living encyclopaedia of relationship advice with an awesome British accent to match! In this video app, Annabelle will fill you in on the secrets of truly getting your game on. The advice is totally clean, genuine and helpful with quick reference bullet points to go with each video.

    This app will help you get that special girl and leave your friends' jaws hanging in awe - and all that for a real low price!



    * 10 beautiful, high quality videos featuring our ever-helpful and charming Annabelle

    * Concise text summaries for each video to help you recap all the key points, without the need to view the entire video again

    * Ability to submit your own questions - Annabelle will answer popular topics and even reply with new videos on a timely basis

    * Full iPhone/iPod and iPad compatibility with Retina display functionality!

    Sample Video from the app:



    Link to Lite (FREE) version:

    Link to Full ($1.99) version:

    Link to website:

    We will send a promocode to the first 3 people to post here.


    FIPLAB Team

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