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Apple Assigns "Darts for iPad" in "NEW and NOTEWORTHY"..!

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Apple Assigns "Darts for iPad" in "NEW and NOTEWORTHY"..!

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Darts for iPad will surely drag your fun levels North. The challenge involved during the gameplay is for sure the best that you can get in this category. The long wait for an application that will catch you by surprise ends here, get ready to hit the Bull’s eye.
You can throw the dart either by moving iPad physically upwards or by swiping the dart on dartboard of you ipad. Please don't throw your iPad while trying to play dart using accelerometer.
During a player's turn, the player can throw three darts. Enjoy single player and also 2 player game modes. Cricket uses the numbers 15 through 20 and the bull's-eye. To close a number, it must have been scored 3 times in any fashion, on one or more turns. Hitting the triple will close a number in one throw; a single and the double will close it in two throws or three singles will close it in three throws. Numbers do not have to be closed in any particular order and several numbers can be hit in the same turn. A scoreboard is used to keep track of the hits on all the numbers. Hitting a number once is shown by placing a slash (/) beside the number, second hit by turning the slash to an X, and the third by a circle around the X. Enjoy Dart game.
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Genre:Board, Casino
Release:Nov 19, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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