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    Aug 8, 2018
    When I listened to Alan's new song"Darkside", I fell into deep thought, for many tiny things that you may think it doesn't matter at all. While being addicted to the beautiful music rhythm, I was wonderful what Alan want to express through this song. What I writes on the following part is only my personal feeling about the lyrics, it may not be right. At first sight, I throught this song is about love: Alan wanted to lead and take his sweetheart to another world to break away the fetters of secular rules. But it may not be like this. Because at the first sentence, it says "We're not in love, We share no stories." So I personally feel that the target Alan refered may not be a girl, even not a human being. Maybe it refers to the moon high above the sky. Because every time I gaze at the moon alone, I will think of many things. Who am I? What have I been doing? What do I want? What do people live for? When can I achieve my goal? How everything on this earth works? Why do people have multiple faces, etc. Am I crazy? hah. My preexistence must be some creature who liked to live alone. Yes, I enjoy the feeling of being alone, without feeling lonely. You may say that nobody like to be alone, but in this realistic society, if people around you are those whose life values have nothing in common with yours, will you still reluctantly try to adjust or change your life value, just for getting adapted to them. No matter what the so called rules of this society is, whatever others say, we should have our own life value based on the experience we have gone through. Stay positive and Keep goodness. That's my motto. Back to the theme, you may notice that most cover of Alan's muisc album is one person... Alone.. Correting my previous statement, actually, no one in this world wants to be isolated from people around. Just, getting disapionted for too many times will make one person calm down and back to be himself. So I guess, Alan may have his worry about life and people. He tried to get himself understood, but get nobody. So he gazed at the moon, feeling that the moon is alive and it also looking at him. Only moon knows Alan's inner heart. He had so many puzzled things that get no anwser. So he said " Let's leave the world behind, take me through the night, fall into the darkside. We don't need the light, we' ll live on the darkside." Most people pursuit bright light, while Alan is longing for darkside. So what? who says darkside must be bad. In my opinion, darkness here is only a representative for another peaceful land. We don't need the light, because light in our heart can brighten the journey ahead forever. :D

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