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    Hi, guys. I would like to present you my new android game.
    Now, we have demo-version and want to ask you play it.
    The game is named Darknes Way.
    Darkness is almost everywhere. Only one light is live.

    You should help light escape from darkness and find way to exit of the maze.
    Darkness is too strong, so you should have next things.
    • fast reaction
    • deep mind
    • calmness and composure
    Youtube trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiCTMm8UHpc
    Light can’t stop, it always move forward. But you can control it. Touch left/right side of screen for rotate.
    Light is not alone. Arrow will show right direction to exit. But don’t fully trust, because it just compass, so it don’t know about walls.
    Also best world minds, such as Bruce Lee, Albert Einstein, Michael Schumacher will help you too. Each level accompanied with quote from famous person. Read it carefully, them contains hints for a level.
    Darkness is grow. Don’t waste time, otherwise it will swallow light.
    Each stage a unique. Try found best way in every level.
    Play perfect and receive rewards:

    • Don’t touch walls
    • Collect all stars
    • Find exit very fast
    • You should collect them for the future: them will show keys, which need for unlock new levels.

    There are wall is different. Some is dangerous, but some is helpfully.
    If you like game, then leave a comment and subscribe for updates. So we can alert you when game will be ready.
    We need to get feedback from you. Try it!
    Links to play are available here :
    Android version - .apk file :http://jffgames.jff.name/?kccpid=11&kcccount=http://indiedev.jff.name/DarknessWayDemoAndroid.apk
    Enjoy! :)

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