Universal Dark Sword 2 (by NANOO COMPANY) - 7/15 launch!

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    To be launched on 7/15!

    Pre-register for free with links below!

    iOS: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id1186180535
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nanoo.darksword2

    Featuring the original dark silhouette, yet vibrant graphics, this is the official sequel to Dark Sword (with over 10M downloads).
    • Enhanced Graphics: Incredible dark silhouette action RPG in sci-fi world setting, Dark Sword is back with even more vibrant graphics and quality. Enjoy the beauty of dark silhouette action.
    • Advanced Gameplay: You are not alone! Form a 3-member squad and battle! Play more powerfully with the tag system and co-op team mode. Hack & slash gameplay has been enhanced as well.
    • Diverse Characters: Deploy female cyborgs, Fatima, each possessed with different skills and abilities, and play strategically using tags and compatibility rates between each Fatima.
    • Massive Content: Enjoy over 100 missions with unique cyborg monsters and powerful bosses of overwhelming sizes. Make Fatima more powerful by acquiring various parts, items, and battle gears.
    • Play on low-spec devices: Although gameplay, graphics, and content have all been enhanced, the game still runs optimally on low-spec devices without taking up much storage space.
    • Offline Mode: Enjoy the game without Internet.

    Screenshot_01.png Screenshot_01.png Screenshot_02.png Screenshot_03.png Screenshot_04.png Screenshot_05.png Icon_DS2_512.png
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    Omg, can’t wait
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    Thanks! Please consider pre-ordering if you haven't.

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