Universal Dark Meadow (by Phosphor Games Studio)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by D3adly, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Awesome videos Sanuku. Took a glimpse of each; didn't want to ruin too much heheh. I love the narrator's voice.
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    Yeah! If the next ipod touch doesn't have 128gb of space, we should all be PISSED, considering how big these games are getting! I mean, I love how much better they're becoming, but if I can have only a handful of games on a 64gb device, me no happy camper anymore! This game looks awesome, though, and I've been waiting for this. If I am convinced this is killer, looks like I'm gonna have to choose a lot of things to go bye-bye to make room for it! (Like I'm always having to do) :(
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    Part E: (75.Minutes into the Game)

    Part F: (90.Minutes into the Game)

    Part G: (105.Minutes into the Game)


    Even that far already into the Game it still does feel like i have only seen the tip of an iceberg if it comes to the hole Game. I guess the 6 Hours that someone have mentioned above can be easily expanded if you play the Game for the first Time to at least 40% ~ 50% more if you wana get every piece of the Story/Game.

    I will now take a break and stop uploading new HD Gameplay Trailer about the Game to make sure you Guys are still hot for the Game and will buy it to see the Rest.

    All at all it was worth every damn Buck i had spent for it and that is something you can`t say about every Game on the iTunes Store doesn`t matter if it`s a one Dollar Game or as expensive as The Dark Meadow is.

    Well let me descripe it with a Picture:


    I hope i have made my Point clear...
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    More than 6 hours? for your best Beta tester? That means it should last me 10ish...
    Vs Shadowgun's 5ish... You're convincing me. Maybe...
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    Hum i'm not seeing it! Could I get any sort of clue?
  6. Sanuku

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  7. killercow

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    Oh, okay! Damn i feel dumb XD
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    cool,it seems as though the walking is done for you,so it's somewhat "on rails" but not really? looks cool too,like a horror infinity blade. will this run on ipod 3rd gen?
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    Are there any plans to release this game on the App Store for desktop/laptop computers? I would love to play this game on a bigger screen.
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    this game looks great, too bad it's on rails :(
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    You really don`t have to since i haven`t used the Moves during the HD Gameplay Trailers i have posted so far to don`t spoil the Game to much for those that are going to buy the Game.

    Often i even have looked in a different Direction when i did know that there would be a Hint or something Special inside the Game so you would only know that Moves if you had seen those and tried them out on your Own.

    There is absolutely no Reason to feel dumb. I believe that it is the Way the Developer have created it from the Beginning so even if you stand in front of something and see it clearly you won`t still understand it`s full potential and then after a few Minutes/Hours...you realize that you have seen it so many Times but didn`t got a Clue what it could have been or what it was for.

    And that's what i am expecting from a AAA Game and nothing less. That`s why Dark Meadow is so great and i expect nothing else then 5/5 Stars from the Reviewer that will do the Review at TouchAracde.

    Because otherwise he haven`t noticed all those Hints and Secrets that are hidden inside the Game and only can be seen if you open your Eyes and take the Time to enjoy the Game and every Aspect of it and don`t just rush through it to see the Bosses and get to the next Game like some Review Sites do...

    But those are honestly not as good as TA is so i am looking forward to see if i am right or if i am wrong about the hole Story.
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    Midnight cannot come quick enough, I am shattered. But. Determined. To. Download. Tonight.

    45 minutes to go...
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    Well the whole story arc is pretty cryptic for now but this game is enormous. The way it keeps upping the amount of gold you find as you level up is really neat. I'm in the second floor right now and there's still more... I also found a new combo board ; ) I like the monologues , they are really funny at times and voice acting is fantastic.
    I've rarely seen a game so polished and so beautiful since the appstore was created.
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    Be honest:

    Does it REALLY look better than:

    Infinity Blade (iPad 2) &/or Shadowgun (iPad 2)

    If so, describe what makes it the most beautiful...

    I'm just curious

    Either way, this game is a MUST BUY when it arrives Cali4nia time
  15. Sanuku

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    Trust me i though the same when i had seen the HD Gameplay Trailer the first Time. Let`s just repeat the hole Process and start from the Beginning:

    After we have watched those two Teaser Trailer please take a look at the following HD Gameplay Trailer and then you will see that the Dark Meadow is almost Freeroam and that you sure will have enough Fun even the Game is partly on Rails.


    It`s not easy to compare those three Games with eachother since they are using two different Engines and therefore should always compared in different Ways.

    If you take a look at how young the Unity3D Engine is you will see that Shadowgun did an outstanding Job technically speaking while we all already did know that the old Queen that works behind Infinity Blade/Dark Meadow is looking damn Sexy if you know how to handle her well and show her goods in the right Light.

    Since Dark Meadow does it often that good that it could be right out of the 3D Studio Max Render Station you could say that this Contest would end up in a tie.

    Again two different Engines can`t be compared with eachother and this will never change even everyone wana tell you that they can do that.

    If you would ask me which Engine is currently the Best the answer would be as follow:

    Frostbite Engine
    Id Tech 5

    All those Engines are able to let you create whatever you wana build if you have an Artist that can make your Dream or like in the Case of Dark Meadow Nightmares come true.
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    I'm totally in love with the atmosphere of the game, but I'm about an hour in and so far I kind of wish there was just a no monsters mode. The combat seems to really break the pace of the game, as whatever you're fighting slowly lumbers towards you as you fire pot shots into it with your crossbow, then bust out your sword when you're in melee range which feels like Infinity Blade if you removed all the little combat nuances like parrying. Then, after a battle, you're forced to sit through a screen that tallies up all your experience points from the fight... Which really just pushes combat over the edge of tedium as I genuinely do not care how much experience I earned when the game could instead just alert me when I'm at the point where I can level up.

    Anyway, like I said, I'm only an hour into it right now. Both Colette and I are powering through it right now for a review tonight, but I really hope combat gets amped up as you get deeper into the game. Right now I'm getting to the point where I just dread the next battle, as they don't feel interesting, they just feel like time sinks. We'll see how various upgrades and leveling up changes that.

    Seriously though, the atmosphere and bread crumbs they're laying for the story so far seem totally top notch, so there's that at least!
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    The mixture of a mystery story combined with these slash'em up action sequences seems really strange to me...
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    To be honest, Hodapp, at this point I have very little interest in the official TA review of this game.
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    Well, if this ends up not being as brilliant in all the right areas, I'm expecting you to say so.

    After the huge knock/fallout from Shadowgun - I looking to see the fates you slate upon the AAA tier titles, and why...I need to see if you guys are equally as fair with the consolesque titles as you are with the dime a dozen casual affairs.

    You crow and crow about Apple gaining a real gaming audience over to iOS. Here we are, and these titles are what we want. Let's see how you treat them. If this gets the Shadowgun treatment, I'll debate the credibility of the reviews.

    I'm not ever expecting a dazzling editorial attaché of brilliance, I'm hoping to see the highs and lows honestly represented.

    Why or why not, is the game worth both my time and money?

    I'm looking forward to your review the most, as you quite remind me of Matt Cassamassina.
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    Oh sorry I'll make sure we candy coat everything, leave out anything bad, and dedicate the entire review to the graphics to make you guys happy. :)

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