Dark Lords for iPad

Within the chaotic time of war between Humans and Demons, become a great lord to conquer the continent.

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Within the chaotic time of war between Humans and Demons, become a great lord to conquer the continent.

Conquer the portal through the wave of enemy attacks.

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[ Dark Lords ] is a side-scrolling RTS + Defense game.

The player becomes a Lord of Human or Demon race to win the battle against the enemy.

In each battle, the player summons combat units from alliance portal to the enemy's portal.
Sending a certain number of units to the enemy's portal will lead you to win the battle.

Even if it has a simple rule, the player needs to operate strategic assembling of forefront battle units with backup units .

Human race have 11 types of strong units(Footman, Archer, Peltast, Assassin, Airship, and so on), and each unit engages a battle in troop size.

Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, which allows various possible strategies in the battle.

Demon race has 13 types of monstrous units(Goblin, Medusa, Succubus, werewolf, and so on), and each monster unit has its unique abilities which may reverse the tide of losing battles.

The battle system has 3 different levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard),and the player can gain AP(Ability Point) by winning each level.

Enemies' skills and magics become powerful in higher levels of difficulty, and this provides more joy to your game.

Obtained AP can be used to unlock or upgrade your units and learn stronger magics.

After enjoying the game in Story mode, you can use the saved data to play Challenge mode (**update expected soon)

- choose from 2 races with different strategies
- 30 stages * 3 levels of difficulty
- 22 types of units with unique abilities
- experiencing troop sized battles as if commanding real medieval wars
- great strength and weakness balanced between units for effective combats
- 24 types of skills to enhance units
- 17 active magics and 14 passive skills to reverse the tide of combat
- day/night cycle system to influence the combat progressing
- simple and antique background design
- a wide variety of skill trees with hundreds of different combination

<How to play>
- Mana points increase as time goes by.
- Use mana points to summon units from alliance portal, or to use magics.
- By reaching out to enemy's portal with a certain number of alliance units, it will lead to win the battle.
- Get AP(ability point) by clearing each stages of different levels.
- Invest AP to unlock or upgrade units and to learn magics.
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Release:Nov 12, 2010
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