Daring Raccoon - avoid snakes & collect bonus!

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    Grab treasure, avoid every enemy, and race through a maze of adventure with Daring Raccoon! Download this retro themed arcade style puzzle adventure right now and run, jump, and climb your way to victory through more than 50 uniquely challenging vertical levels. Every stage represents a different challenging puzzle that requires strategic thought and quick witted agility to successfully pass.

    Each stage within Daring Raccoon is structured as a vertical maze comprised of platforms and ladders. The user is tasked with maneuvering their way from the bottom to the top of the screen, picking up treasure jars and valuable fruits along the way. Simultaneously, users must avoid enemies such as green and red bugs, as well as blue and yellow ducks along the way. If lucky, users will find wings, which give them a rare opportunity to fly for the duration of one stage.

    Daring Raccoon – a remake of the popular Korean mobile game iPonPoko – utilizes a classical retro aesthetic to bring users into an arcade gaming experience in the vein of timeless icons of the arcade genre such as the original Mario and Donkey Kong. Though more than 50 entertaining levels are included in Daring Raccoon users also have the ability to develop custom levels to play through with the app’s Build function as well. Retro arcade entertainment is alive and well, it’s simply gone mobile with Daring Raccoon.

    App Features:

    • 50 unique and sequentially more challenging stages of play.
    • Accurate multi-directional controls & large jump button for ease of use.
    • Stage Builder function allows users to create custom stages easily.
    • Share custom stages with friends and others online.
    • New stages available for download every week.
    • Twitter integration allows users to post feedback after every finished stage

    The game is about to be released. Check out some screenshots to get a grasp on how it will look like!

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