Daredevil Dave 2: Motorcycle Mayhem!

M-Digital Media
The world’s coolest and craziest stuntman is back! Get ready for insane stunts and bone-crunching crashes with Daredevil…
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The world’s coolest and craziest stuntman is back! Get ready for insane stunts and bone-crunching crashes with Daredevil Dave 2: Motorcycle Mayhem! The sequel to the top 10 game from 2010 is finally here! If you’ve ever dreamed of being lit on fire and blown up, chopped into pieces, breaking bones, being run over by vehicles, ground up into hamburger or cooked in a pool of toxic sludge, this game is for you! Steer through oncoming traffic, take on a horde of Zombie Clowns, crash your way through 9 holes of Motorcycle Golf, jump over cars and helicopters, and cause major destruction to the environment around you! Play the most unique motorcycle stunt game in the world! Sit on your bike, grab the throttle and ride, steer and crash through a fully 3D world! Daredevil Dave 2 is packed with game play and features! CRAZY STUNTS! Huge variety of stunts including jumping over cars and helicopters, leaping across and through buildings, destroying property for cash, killing zombie clowns, playing motorcycle golf and skeeball, just to name a few! - Earn cash in a giant pachinko machine, a bowling alley, skeeball, and two 9-hole “Motorcycle Golf” courses! - Kill Zombie Clowns, search for Bigfoot, destroy a toxic waste facility, and race on a motocross track - Be a Movie Stuntman and earn big cash for performing spectacular feats and crashes! - Jump off the bike in midair for precision crashing MAYHEM MODE! Deliberately crash and cause injuries and major destruction! The more damage you cause, the more cash you earn! Design your own Mayhem Tour by selecting stunts of your choosing and cause total chaos! Creative crashing is the key here! GO ON TOUR! - Earn cash with 3 Tours spanning 65 different levels - You have to pay for damage and injuries while on tour, so be careful (No IAP, don't worry!) - Win a Mobile Surgical Truck and upgrade it with Med-Kits to help save money on injuries - Steer off course and explore the many different environments. Who knows what you might find! - Practice Mode where you can jump and crash Dave all you want without losing any career cash TOTAL DESTRUCTION! - Awesome rag doll physics! Crash Dave and watch him tumble mercilessly - Hear Dave’s screams of pain, as well as hundreds of hilarious one-liners and words of wisdom - Get paid for crashing! Inflict serious injuries and cause damage to surrounding structures - Accurate injury system with detailed and funny medical reports - Flammable objects that can be set on fire and blown up SHARE YOUR AWESOMENESS! - Record and share instant replays via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the Everyplay community…very cool! - Game Center with 25 achievements and a dozen leaderboards - Earn beautiful 3D trophies and view your lifetime statistics in Dave’s Showroom There are too many features to list here! Daredevil Dave 2: Motorcycle Mayhem was designed for fun, so download now and enjoy! REQUIREMENTS iPhone 5 or newer iPad 2 or newer Nerves of steel!
Seller:M-Digital Media
Genre:Action, Racing
Release:Dec 12, 2015
Updated:Jan 20, 2016
Size:580.0 MB
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